2016 August, Wool jellyfish sculpture workshop for Bognor Regis Council H2O event in the bandstand on the seafront

2009 Summer Storytelling and Drama Workshop Leader with Purple Broccoli

2009 Art Workshop leader making 2 Peacock butterflies with 3 classes Year 1, Jessop School

2008 Summer Storytelling and 'Flights of Fantasy' ,14 school tour making recycled bird sculptures

2009 Summer Storytelling in Bandstands with Purple Broccoli

2008 Summer Storytelling in Bandstands with Purple Broccoli

2008 Performer in S.T.A.R, 17 school tour, Drama Workshops

2007 Exhibition of Artworks created in previous workshops in Nettlefold Hall, Norwood, London

2007 Workshop leader making wishing trees with Purple Broccoli Theatre & Primary Schools in S.E.London

2007 Workshop leader making props for plays with PBT and year 4 in S.E.London schools based on local history

2005 Worked with ACAVA Artists making a mural in S.London Secondary School for 'Make Poverty History Day'

2004 Workshop Leader making props for series of plays based on tudor fruit banquets in S.E.London Schools

2004 Workshop leader making 4 giant insects from willow and paper mache in W.London After School Club

2004 Workshop leader making Paper mache fish sculptures with year 2 in S.London School

2004 'Taking Part' Exhibition at the Livesey Museum, Old Kent Road, London

2004 'Taking Part' , 'Deep Glow' Workshop leader making 12 angler fish sculptures with Year 5 in S London school

2003 Big Arts Week, Workshop leader making huge plankton sculptures with Year 6 in S.London School

2003 Siddha Yoga Family Satsang. Workshop leader making large collages of characters from stories

2003 Siddha Yoga Retreat. Workshop leader on a series of drama workshops to devise a play based on a story