Experience the magical microscopic world of plankton. Imagine yourself in an underwater world of enchantment and beauty never before visited. See the creatures which shaped the world we live in within their natural habitat. Plankton are single celled organisms from which all life began. They have been on this planet for millions of years. Like land-based plants, they take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. In this way they are directly linked with the health of the planet and instrumental in helping to counter the effects of global warming.

'Planktonworld is a computer generated 3D environment in which the viewer journeys through a microscopic underwater world to encounter the fantastical home of plankton in all its fragile beauty.
Plankton are single-celled organisms from which life began. The health of plankton mirrors the health of the planet. In form and function they are a unique expression of the essence of all living things.
The immersive world of plankton aims, on an instinctive, sensual level, to allow people to recognise their innate connection with these primordial lifeforms.
Planktonworld recreates a microscopic cosmos on a human scale.


'Swimming with phytoplankton in 3D' is available for licence on 3D BluRay and 3DTV.

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