Iona Scott is an Artist and Animator who has developed her work over many years through the disciplines of Sculpture, Painting, 3D Animation and Theatre. The aim of her work is to inspire a reconnection to nature and in particular to raise awareness of the importance of microscopic plants.

Iona has performed in plays and led Art and Drama workshops with children in schools independently and with the eco-themed Theatre In Education Company she co-founded in 2002.

Iona has continuously exhibited her sculptures in London and San Francisco since her graduation. She then re-trained in 3D Animation and worked as a 3D Artist in a Computer Games Company before bringing plankton into the digital realm.

In 2004 Iona approached Kew with a proposal for an immersive exhibit using stereoscopic 3D technology and was commissioned to make 'Swimming with phytoplankton in 3D'. This 3D display has been resident in the Marine Display under the Palm House since then.

The Marine Display closed in April 2017 after kindly hosting 'Swimming with phytoplankton in 3D' for 13 years.

Iona's work has relevance across many areas including conservation, education ansd STEM and can be implemented in schools, museums, aquariums, and alongside conservation organisations.

Throughout years of feedback from Kew and around the country, again and again, audiences are feeling inspired and excited by 'Swimming with phytoplankton in 3D'.

They are rediscovering an invisible dimension and learning facts through a direct experience of this underwater microscopic realm which is otherwise impossible to visit.

This provides a powerful starting point for a conversation about conservation.

Iona continues to exhibit 'Swimming with phytoplankton in 3D' at many events including Brighton Science Festival and Brighton Digital Festival and her vision is to work to support conservation organisations and to exhbit her work in order to empower and inspire all generations.

Please follow @Planktonworld on Twitter and Planktonworld on Facebook to join in or take part with where 'Swimming with phytoplankton in 3D' is being shown next...

In May 2017 Iona made a 9ft dachshund sculpture for the Dharma School for the Children's Parade which opened Brighton Festival

2016 was a busy year...

Iona took her discospheres on some more adventures...

Fibreglass discosphere, which was last seen suspended from a crane next to Battersea Power Station many moons ago, was requested at the Echoes founder party in Norfolk in July (organised by Secret productions creators of Secret Garden Party Festival and Wilderness Festival....)

Iona also took the paper discosphere, which was originally made in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA on a few adventures of it's own, alongside its fibreglass mother to Norfolk...

and then to Bimble Bandada Festival for the awesome Gliterfish tent

and then Iona made an 8ft anglerfish sculpture for the next Glitterfish Halloween party 'Dead fish don't say no' at the Fortune of War in Brighton

The same white paper 'discosphaera' sculpture was also in residence at Zu Studios in Lewes, Sussex September 2014-2015 for Artwave Festival and all their amazing events...

It was then shortlisted for Wildlife Artist of the Year and was included in an exhibition at The Mall Galleries from June 28th - July 2nd 2016

and it was also exhibited alongside my coasters at Pullens Open Studios in London at the Summer Edition in June 2016


coasters are for sale £2 each or a set of 6 for £10 +p&p



Shrink yourself to the size of a pinhead and immerse yourself in a Giant Microscopic 3D World

Plankton provide 50% of the oxygen on the Planet

If you would like to see some of Iona's work, 'Swimming with Phytoplankton in 3D' is regularly exhibited around the UK.

Please see Exhibitions CV for past exhibitons


Thankyou for your kind attention.